Bulk buy licenses


 Volume ATG licenses

Are you an RTO that wants to directly help your students access the Assessment Tool Generator (ATG) and:

  • Help your TAEASS502 students attain the most difficult unit in the TAE40116?
  • See a decrease in TAEASS502 assessment resubmission costs?
  • Ensure authenticity of your student's submitted tools?

RTOs may purchase volume student licenses at the following discounted rates:

Note: Standard student license price (GST inclusive) is $75.00.

Bulk purchase quantity Discount Price per student license
(GST exclusive)
Regular price Nil $68.18
20 15% $57.95
100 25% $51.13
500 30% $47.73
1,000 45% $37.50

Note: All table prices are GST exclusive.

How it works

1. We issue your RTO a unique Access Code

2. Your students use your Access Code to access the ATG at no cost to them

3. The ATG emails you a weekly update of all student enrolments using your Access Code during the preceding week and a warning when only 10% of the available licenses remain.

Want to find out more?

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Alternatively, you may be interested in the ATG referral program.