ATG referral program

Are you an RTO or trainer who wants to directly help your students access the Assessment Tool Generator (ATG)?  To help your TAEASS502 students with the most difficult unit in the TAE40116 and to see a decrease in your RTO’s assessment resubmission costs?

The Assessment Tool Generator (ATG) referral program provides a 15% discount to your students plus a 15% referral commission to you. The program offers some great benefits:

  • Your students receive a 15% discount ($11.25) off the price of the ATG student license (RRP $75.00 incl. GST)
  • You receive a 15% referral fee from each student purchase, remitted monthly.

Note: Program is only available to persons or organisations possessing an Australian Business Number (ABN).

How it works

1. Register your interest here

2. We’ll send you the agreement with your unique referral / discount code.

3. Your students use this code to receive their 15% discount off the normal ATG student license price of $75.

4. Each month the ATG emails you a list of all purchases that were made using your referral code and the total amount to invoice us.

5. We remit payment to you within a week of receiving your invoice.

We know you’ll love our referral program but, should you wish to end the agreement, you can do so at any time. For any reason and without notice!

Want to find out more?

Register your interest here.